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About Matt Shenk

Compared to the likes of John Mayer, Glen Hansard, Dave Matthews, and Amos Lee, Matt Shenk brings an effortless blend of acoustic rock and old school soul to his music and resonating passion to his words.

“Easing souls” throughout Central Florida and beyond, Shenk’s talent, passion and drive have earned him a cult-like following. Born into a musical family, Matt'’s sound was initially inspired by Billy Joel, Michael Jackson, and James Taylor, but evolved over time with the influence of jazz, blues, and anything with soul. He brings that kind of creativity and substance to his music while infusing his own distinct energy into both original songwriting and unique interpretations of covers.

Shenk’s distinctly rich sound has offered him his choice of venue opportunities varying in diversity from The House of Blues to The Hard Rock Hotel to B.B. Kings…and just about everything in between. His widespread musical appeal is surpassed only by the nature of his character. Audiences become fans, fans become friends, friends become unwavering disciples and devotees.

Matt's recently released Kickstarter funded album, “This is Water’ synthesizes his enviable natural talent with thirty years of a well-honed craft. Described as a “professionally produced, well crafted, 12 track gem that is memorable from beginning to end” (PRWEB), sales for “This is Water” reflect its playability, layered depth and heartfelt sound. Receiving high praise, “This is Water’ is inspired by his personal philosophy and impassioned dedication to relatable storytelling through songs and ballads.

Described by Bruce Larson (Orlando Sentinel) as “a modern day singer/songwriter with a lot of old school soul and sincerity,” audiences continue to marvel at Shenk’s transcendent talent, acoustic precision, unparalleled adaptability and extraordinary good nature. As much a lauded musician as your very best friend, Matt Shenk’s commitment to not only entertaining but captivating a crowd makes him the next best thing.

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